askamiss logo 2These materials are copied directly from page.  We encourage you to visit their site.  It really is “one-stop shopping” for all your missions related questions.  This is just a small sampling of what their site has to offer.

Mission Articles

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professional skills and tentmaking
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Articles about Support-Raising

Financing Missions by A. Scott Moreau in the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

Mueller, Taylor or Moody: whose approach is best? by Steve Shadrach and Dave Dougherty

Support Raising by Steve Shadrach

Debt Dilemma by Amy Prange

The Blessings of Deputation by Ernest Pickering

Money Matters excerpted from Missions in the Third Millennium by Stan Guthrie.

Finances for the Work excerpted from Out of the Comfort Zone by George Verwer.

Financing an Education by Global Opportunities

Missionary Affluence by A. Scott Moreau in the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

For reasons to live with less on the mission field read Roger Greenway’s classic article Eighteen Barrels and Two Big Crates on how and why our ‘stuff’ gets in the way of our witness.

Articles about Selecting an Agency

How to Select a Missions Agency by John McVay, editor of Ask A Missionary

The Role of Agencies excerpted from Missions in the Third Millennium by Stan Guthrie

Local Church and Mission Agency — What is the Best Relationship?
by Jack Chapin with Arab World Ministries

Articles about Guidance and Calling

Browse The Traveling Team’s collection of calling articles including:


Read these articles about knowing God’s will:


Articles about Professional Skills and Tentmaking

Look at a number of excellent articles and FAQs from Global Opportunities and read the stories of three tentmakers:

  • TESOL Teacher in China
  • Engineers in the Middle East
  • A Teacher in the Arab World


Tent-Making Mission by Tetsunao Yamamori in the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

Also see the chapter on Tentmaking excerpted from Missions in the Third Millennium by Stan Guthrie

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages by Alan Seaman in the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

Other Articles about Missions

For 20 superb articles about mission issues.

Read answers from missionary Jack Voelkel, Urbana’s Missionary-in-Residence, who has letters online on getting involved in missions, money and missions, parents, etc.

Browse the knowledge base and select articles on topics such as Adjustment to the field, Agency selection, Culture stress, Family, Field selection, Fundraising, Qualifications. Single missionaries, Training, etc. For example, see the article by Ask A Missionary editor John McVay Long-term Missionary Service: Just Like Marriage, it Takes Work to Be Successful.

Look at charts on the percentage of American ministers that are missionaries, the percentage of missionaries that serve among unreached peoples, etc.