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PUERTO MALDONADO  — DONATE NOW in honour and memory of Tat Blackburn.

The Tat’s Kids Peru Fund is in honour of Tatiana Blackburn. She was twenty-years-old when she was tragically killed in a car accident on August 17, 2018. She left behind her immediate family, including her parents and two younger brothers, and her fiancé, Matthew, whom she was going to marry this fall. Matt had proposed to her just nine days earlier.

Tat was solely focused on two distinct areas in her life: loving Jesus and loving people. Her left wrist was permanently inked with the phrase HE > I, as a reminder of God’s greatness and sovereignty. She kept a blog where she wrote about what Jesus was teaching her, often circling back to His grace and love. Tat was kind, brave, bold, and wise. A mere paragraph cannot sum up Tat’s life. In only two decades, she changed the world. She treated each person she met as though they were the only person in the room. She threw her head back when she laughed. She cried when she experienced injustice. Her tender heart overflowed with compassion. She was an incredible writer. She loved sarcasm. To meet Tat was to love her.

Tat’s dream was to travel the world and help people. She once wrote, “[Jesus has] asked me to give up my entire life to serve him and to do things that seem crazy to other people.” When her family moved to Peru as missionaries, Tat’s dream only grew stronger. She loved the children her family took care of, always referring to the Peruvian orphans as her other siblings.

She had a desire to work in full-time ministry overseas and to help vulnerable children, trafficked women, and those struggling with mental illness. May this fund be the legacy Tat Blackburn leaves, and may her beautiful life continue to ripple change throughout the world. We are all better because of her.

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