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Ishmael & Moline

IMPACTHOPE has partnered together with Ishmael and Moline Ochieng in two distinct yet interconnected ministries.

Vision Ministries Kenya (VMK) – Their vision is to have a network of churches that are known for good Bible teaching, pastoral care and positive leadership. They facilitate training for spiritual leadership, church leadership and administration and church planting.  Presently there is a network of 50 churches across Kenya. It is our goal to assist them in finding the means to create a greater level of sustainability among the churches.

Together with the Kenyan leadership, a plan has been developed with two key pilot projects:

Massai Woman Carrying Water
  1. Water project. We seek to drill two wells in the Massai region to help a newly planted church and a Prayer Center increase their level of sustainability through agricultural and husbandry efforts. These two wells will cost about $30,000 USD to drill and will provide the possibility of sustainable agricultural efforts.  Presently, they must walk 45 minutes one way to the nearest water source.
  2. Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCO). This registered Cooperative is like a microfinance initiative with the objective of encouraging savings and granting loans to the member VMK churches while enabling easy access to financial services for its members at lower than customary fees. Currently there is a need for $12,000 USD in a newly established fund so that qualified individuals can access these funds in the form of loans. Repayment with interest of these borrowed funds would enable greater levels of sustainability of the VMK churches.

Shelter of Hope Kenya is a Christian non-profit organization registered under The Societies Act. We have the call and responsibility to reach out to vulnerable children and youth who are orphans by providing spiritual nourishment, education, and income generating activities to enable them to be independent. Through the course of our work, we have initiated empowerment programs for women and provided material support for elderly widows. This work includes:

  • Child Sponsorship Program
  • Feeding Programs
  • Education Programs (2 Community Education Centres)
  • Counseling and Spiritual Care Program in Partnership with the Church
  • Youth Programs
  • Health Care Programs (Operating a Communal Health Facility)
  • Agricultural Programs
  • Income Generating Activities for Community Members
  • Emergency Relief Program

The most pressing need is to complete the roof for Shelter of Hope’s second floor, a project requiring $20,000 USD. 

Vision Ministries Kenya Support — CLICK HERE

Shelter of Hope Support — CLICK HERE

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Vision Ministries Kenya Support — CLICK HERE

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